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Lifelong learning

Another area in which Meet 2 Grow profiles itself is the area of lifelong learning, i.e. the use of education for the benefit of specific target groups that are difficult to employ on the labour market. In the area of lifelong learning - as in other areas - we do not put ourselves in the position of those who can provide this activity themselves. However, we offer the most important things: In cooperation with experts from schools (universities, colleges, secondary schools and vocational schools), we will create training programmes for citizens (but also for companies) that will ensure a lifelong supply of knowledge for all those interested. However, unlike the traditional format of lifelong learning, which is usually focused only on professional development, language skills and other highly specialised know-how, we would like to emphasise above all the knowledge and skills needed for better employment in the labour market, including practical internships in areas where participants can use their knowledge.


  • In cooperation with universities, we will create courses focused on knowledge development - for different segments (specialists from different fields will be able to acquire the knowledge necessary for further employment in the field - outside their main field).

  • Alternatively - in agreement with the MLSA or Labour Offices - retraining courses can also be prepared

  • The primary source of funding should be the state budget and European funds.

  • The organisation of courses, examinations and certifications, the operation of the training system and the development of projects will be provided by Meet 2 Grow.

  • The content of the courses will be prepared by academic and professional staff and university students in cooperation with companies (practitioners).

  • Lecturing of off-line courses can be arranged by upper year students.

  • Most of the courses should take place on-line or in the form of e-learning with verification of the learners' knowledge including the issued certificate.

  • Part of the funds for the project would be transferred directly to the universities, whose staff and students would be involved in the preparation and delivery of the courses.

  • In addition to operations, employers could be compensated for employee costs through Meet 2 Grow:

    • the flow of money would be under control (the grant would only be paid under clearly defined conditions);

    • the grant would be for a specific worker;

    • the condition for payment would be proof of knowledge.

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