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Flexible forms of employment

The concept of flexible employment identifies a range of non-traditional ways to involve employees in the work team and allow them to apply their knowledge and experience without having to go to the office every day. These include:

  • part-time work;

  • weekend work;

  • free working hours;

  • teleworking (distance working);

  • job sharing;

  • working from home (homeworking);

These forms of work can of course be used by all workers whose job description or the nature of their work allows them to do so. However, we consider them to be the most important option for people who, for some objective reason, are unable to attend the office regularly during the pre-set working hours.

Flexible working activities can be divided into three basic groups:

  1. promoting employers' interest in engaging specific target groups through flexible forms of employment;

  2. support for the introduction of flexible forms of employment, including training for managers (virtual team management; team management with remote workers; psychology of the virtual team manager, etc.);

  3. assistance in solving problems, including the help of specialists and experienced managers.

While the first group of activities is not very specific and can be encountered quite often on the Czech labour market (the benefits of flexible forms of employment for employers and employees are widely discussed, including at various conferences and other official and media-attractive events for HR specialists), almost no one offers support during the implementation and assistance in solving problems. When they do, it is usually in the form of very expensive services of theoreticians who have not encountered the implementation of similar projects in practice in many cases and have only "read" or "professionally traced and analysed" everything.

The goal of the Meet 2 Grow association is not - and we consider this very important - to offer our own experience that we do not have, but to mediate - similarly to the connecting of the commercial and academic spheres - contact with experts (theoreticians and practitioners) and to ensure that their knowledge and experience is used in the best possible way.

We are convinced that the main reason why companies and entrepreneurs are so distrustful of flexible forms of employment (the only exception is the so-called home office, but even in this case, employers and managers often modify the original concept according to their own ideas) is ignorance and fear of the unknown. That is why we consider support in the implementation and assistance in solving problems arising in the framework of flexible forms of employment to be the most important service that Meet 2 Grow, in cooperation with partners and experts, can bring to the Czech labour market.

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