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Our partners

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How to become a partner?

Who can become a partner?

Meet 2 Grow is open to universities, colleges, vocational schools and secondary vocational schools whose students or academic and professional staff want to take part in practical internships or get involved in real projects, or are only considering this option, as well as companies or entrepreneurs who want to share their practical experience and at the same time use innovative and novel ideas.

Partner rule no.1

The basic condition of membership is the willingness to participate in the activities of the association, while following the basic principle of cooperation between the commercial and academic spheres: not to take advantage of the willingness of the other party to share their knowledge and experience.

Compliance with this basic rule is a prerequisite for a smooth partnership and is therefore strictly monitored by Meet 2 Grow.

Services for partners


We connect the theoretical knowledge of students and academic and professional staff of schools of all types and specialisations through practical internships and involvement in real projects with the practical experience of companies and entrepreneurs, so that all those involved make the most of the opportunities on offer - whether to strengthen their position on the labour market or to develop their business.

The knowledge and experience of our partners is also newly used in the lifelong learning system. Through this, we provide the opportunity to learn theoretically about issues outside the field of interest and subsequently expand the acquired knowledge with practical experience.


In cooperation with partner schools, we organise theoretical courses and practical internships aimed at developing their professional knowledge and skills. In addition to the training courses organised by their employers, specialists are thus given a unique opportunity to learn about the latest theoretical knowledge, examples and experience, especially from academic and professional staff at universities. They are often involved in international research projects and therefore have access to the outputs of other partners.


Meet 2 Grow and partner organisations' staff and collaborators communicate with the target groups on an ongoing basis and know their needs and requirements very well. This enables us to provide interested parties with information relevant to their work or business.


With advice, tips and recommendations, we help those interested in a job, internship or project to present their knowledge and experience to the right people, who will also evaluate them as favourably as possible.

We also offer our experience in personal and corporate presentation to other interested parties, such as founders of innovative companies and projects or communication specialists of non-profit organisations.

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