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Studenti kráčející po schodech

 Practical internships

The Theory in Practice project is based on connecting the carriers of theoretical knowledge (academic and professional staff and students of universities and colleges) with the practical experience of experts from companies. The benefit of the project for both parties lies in the possibility of using the strengths of the other party (the overview of school staff of the latest discoveries and trends in the field, the novel ideas of school staff and students or their distance from practice in exchange for practical experience, including the possibility to get directly involved in the implementation of specific projects).

The contacts are not limited to individuals - already at the stage of development of the service solution, when we approached potential candidates for participation in the testing, we managed to connect two companies with entire study circles, which are already involved in the implementation of specific projects as part of their studies, and in addition to acquiring hard professional skills and practical experience, the participants also strengthen their soft skills in practice - especially in the field of communication, presentation and project management.

The basic building blocks of the Theory in Practice project are:

  • a portal for the presentation and mutual communication of internship providers, students, academic and professional staff of schools and representatives of student projects;

  • services for companies, or students and school staff, including advice on the preparation and implementation of internships (e.g. to avoid students being exploited for work that no one else wants to do or the free transfer of know-how to school staff without remuneration for its use);

  • face-to-face meetings, in which students or university staff can meet with company representatives, briefly introduce themselves to each other and possibly arrange a date for another - this time private - meeting;

  • seminars and workshops for individual target groups focused on their specific needs.

Portal solution

is conceived in such a way that its technical administration and operation will be centrally provided by Meet 2 Grow z.s., but the content will be primarily provided and managed by the individual universities themselves (the ability to decide what is suitable for students and school staff, and what is unnecessarily annoying for them, according to previous experience, is worth leaving to the will of the responsible school staff, not least because this relatively small concession significantly simplifies the implementation of the system at the school). However, in order to avoid situations that are unfortunately common at present, where the vast majority of similar solutions run by schools fail, primarily due to communication problems between schools and companies, Meet 2 Grow z.s. will also take care of offers/queries, including ongoing support for interest on the part of potential trainees and providers. The corporate umbrella will also allow for the brokering of applicants from regions where individual schools do not operate, but where students may come from.

Company and student profiles

are designed so that both parties are motivated (led) to provide the maximum amount of information, including references or examples of completed projects and experiences. This approach will especially create the necessary habits in the students, which they will undoubtedly use and appreciate outside the project. Moreover, thanks to the information stored in the system, all parties can pre-select the most suitable.


are set up to promote cooperation between the different target groups and ensure maximum benefit for all involved. For example, we plan to offer advice to companies on the implementation of internships and the involvement of students or study groups in projects. For companies and schools, we are already acting as an advisor or mediator in situations where they cannot find the most suitable way of cooperation and integration of practical internships into education. For students, school staff and other interested parties, we provide consultation in setting the conditions for participation in internships to avoid misuse of their knowledge or theft of copyright (this problem, according to a survey we conducted in the preparation of the project, worries nearly 84 percent of the universities contacted). If necessary, we are ready to completely outsource the implementation of practical internships.

Face-to-face meetings

provide the target groups with a space for self-presentation and at the same time to get contacts to potential partners. Conversations between the individual representatives of both parties (students and school staff, company representatives and entrepreneurs) take place essentially "face-to-face" (a maximum of 5 minutes is reserved for introductions and short conversations, so the whole event has the necessary momentum while ensuring that none of the participants is deprived of anything).

The main objective of the seminars and workshops

is to make the practical knowledge and experience of representatives of partner companies available to interested students and school staff. Although this form does not provide the level of practical training provided by internships, it allows access to information to a larger number of interested parties. In addition, experience shows that companies find these forums very useful as a source of information not only on potential trainees but also on potential candidates for closer cooperation or job offers.

Services provided:

  • solutions for internship offers and presentation of internship applicants;

  • counselling for students;

  • consulting for schools;

  • consulting for companies;

  • face-to-face meetings;

  • seminars;

  • workshops;

  • management of the system for sharing offers and enquiries;

  • national support for the project.

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